The Whores of Carcosa

The Whores of Carcosa

The Serpents That Lick The Dust

A Roto Visage remix appears on the bonus disc for The Angels of Prostitution. Worms of the Earth, the latest discovery of degenerate industrial label bugs crawling out of people, plants itself firmly in the sparse forest of the new generation of industrial-noise music; merging the organic with the technological, and the orthodox with the profane to create epic and mysterious compositions that stimulate the listener both in body as well as in mind. The angels of prostitution is an ancient hulking mechanical apparatus gone haywire with demonic fervor.. sounds buried deep within the earth in time immemorial.. forbidden sounds of latent human evil that had been erased from our collective memory.. until now. inscribed with the language of the ancients, it demolishes any in its cursed path, leaving only sorrow in its wake.

It features condemning text vocalized by wordcore artist it-clings along with five interpretations by prominent up-and-coming industrial acts who were cursed with the task of remixing these forbidden works: dead man's hill, dym, embodi, to mega therion, and vicious alliance.

The first 50 copies come with "the whores of carcosa" bonus disc containing 4 previously unreleased tracks showcasing the dark esoteric ambient side of worms of the earth and 5 additional remixes by autovoice, ghosts in the clocktower, re: dux tion, roto visage, and vicious alliance.

Released on: Bugs Crawling Out Of People.